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Automatic Attendance Marking using GPS/Wi-Fi, through a Smartphone For more details: Contact Srikar 9985009851
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Contract workers management. For further details contact Srikar 9985009851
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It is common for organizations to depend on 3rd party contractors offering skilled and unskilled workers helping them meet their specific requirements. Traditional methods to manage multiple contractors and their large workforce can create many legal, safety and financial issues. Matrix COSEC Contract Workers Management solution is designed for large organizations helping them to manage their contract workers management processes. It collects worker’s entry-exit events from COSEC Biometric and RF card based devices to calculate work hours as per predefined attendance policies. It allows managers and contractors to improve labor productivity which enhances operational efficiency bringing down overall cost.
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Employee Self Service mobile application for employees and reporting in charges. online leave management. online attendance punching using mobile.
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We are the solution providers for multiple locations with web- based software and auto push technology.