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Completed Installation of Matrix Biometric Attendance system and CCTV at Nowfloats Hyderabad and NowFloats Ahmedabad. We have configured online attendance software to get all attendance data instantly from both the locations.
biometric dealers in hyderabad. We provide Time-Attendance Solution for Multi Location Enterprises with Centralized web-based Software.
IP CCTV in Hyderabad. IP Cameras in Hyderabad. IP CCTV Dealers in Hyderabad. IP Camera Dealers in Hyderabad. We Provide best CCTV Solutions Using 1MP , 2MP and 3MP Range Cameras.
We are the solution providers for multiple locations with web- based software and auto push technology.
Visitor Management System in Hyderabad. Visitor Management System in India. Visitor Management System solutions using Biometric Systems.
SMS and Email Notification to a User for their Attendance and Leave Status. About Feature: >> The COSEC Software can automatically send SMS and Email to any user about their attendance and their leave status >> User notification is possible for the following data: Monthly Attendance, Leave Approval, Leave Rejection and User Events >> This lets an organization send automatic mass SMS and Email notification to all user. >> COSEC provides a predefined message body format with customizable header and footer Case: Kevin studies in a college in Pune. His father, Harsh, would like to be notified for his son’s daily and monthly attendance in the class. With SMS and Email notification feature of the COSEC, Harsh can be notified of Kevin’s daily and monthly attendance on his mobile, or his email account both daily as well as at the end of month.
Revitalize Patient Care Capabilities with Matrix Healthcare Solutions!! For further information you can all us at: +919985009851
Revitalize Patient Care Capabilities with Matrix Healthcare Solutions!! For further information you can all us at: +919985009851